Chicago Christian Academy - Dedicated to Excellence, Quality & Commitment
We Want You to Be a Part of OUR CCA FAMILY!
Reasons To Enroll In
Chicago Christian Academy:
A Safe, Nurturing Environment
You will find age-appropriate classrooms, fun educational toys, and indoor and outdoor play areas that stimulate learning, recreation and creativity.
Family Values
At CCA, we have age-specific programs designed to:
·    Advance your child developmentally
·    Prepare them academically
·    Reinforce character and family values to nurture them spiritually
While teaching important social and motor skills in a fun-filled, warm and nurturing atmosphere.
Total Child Development
At CCA, we offer a variety of specialized programs and activities that empower children to develop physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. 
Whether in the classroom or on the playground, through a story or through a song each program and activity is designed to promote the growth and development of the total child. 
Educational Programs
Our Educational Program Incorporates:
-     Language & Literacy
-     Science & Nature
-     Foreign Language
-     Cultural Awareness
-     Early Math
-     Music & Art
-     Physical Education
-     Computer Literacy
Pre - K and Kindergarten (Ages 2-5)
Introduces your child to a formal education while preparing them for the 1P grade and for future academic success.
Elementary (Ages 6-13)
Programs, activities and curriculum are designed to develop your child’s academic and social skills to prepare them for a successful transition into high school and beyond.
Other Benefits That Promote Academic Success:
  • Before and After Care Program
     6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Concerned, Dedicated, and
     Qualified Staff
  • Multi-Student discount
  • Day Care Action Program (subsidy)
  • Daily Prayer & Weekly Chapel
  • Bible-Based Curriculum
  • Well-Equipped Classrooms
  • Member of the Association
     of Christian Teachers and
     Schools (ACTS)
  • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
  • More than 55 Years of Established Commitment to Excellence and Education
We believe that every child should start his or her day with breakfast.  Breakfast is served daily between the hours of 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. at no charge. Come and enjoy a bowl of cereal with milk, or even sausage, pancakes and eggs. Selections change daily. In the winter months hot breakfast is served daily. 
Your child will enjoy daily snacks and a hot fresh lunch prepared daily that are nutritionally balanced and that meet the required food components and portion size respectively. Children are strongly encouraged to at least try every food group that is offered.
Safety and Security
  •  CCA is extremely careful in our
     assessment of all employee               
  • Background checks are conducted on all of our employees
  •  Parents may enter the facility at any time to see how their child is doing
  •  Each facility is designed for security
  • Classroom doors have windows in them for observation
  • Children are only released to individuals you list in the child's enrollment records
  • Our entire teaching staff is certified in C.P.R & First Aid
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